Job Aids

Let us help guide you.

These job aids serve as a supplement to what was taught in the various training courses. Organized by course name, find a familiar job aid to help assist in the navigation of UNI Works.


  • Day 1 tasks
  • How to manage your Notifications, My Tasks (Inbox) and Delegations
  • How to access and navigate the UNI Works home page
  • List of common applications in UNI Works
  • List of common terms in UNI Works
  • How to download and access UNI Works through Work Day mobile
Employee Basics
  • How to request and correct an absence and view balances
  • How to enter/submit time
  • How to enter/submit time
  • How to view/update your banking information and make changes for your payroll and expense payment elections
  • How to request a payout of compensatory time
  • How to update your office location
  • How to update personal information
  • How to add education information
  • How to view/update your beneficiaries and their contact information
  • How to view and update your benefit elections
  • How to enroll or drop learning content courses
  • How to access and edit your job profile in areas such as work history and education
  • How to complete a performance review starting with employee self-evaluation
  • A guide for new hires completing the employee section of form I-9
  • Task for an employee to submit their own resignation in UNI Works
  • Change an employee's Sick to Vacation conversion election
  • For organizations using the UNI Works Scheduling App; how to view, update availability and request/accept shift swaps and open shifts
Manager Basics
  • Describes the process and contacts for creating a new position in UNI Works
  • Walks through manager tasks when hiring faculty, staff, graduate assistants and student employees
  • Use the Onboarding Status Summary report to track new hire progress
  • Overview of the process to hire faculty or staff through a search
  • How to create a job requisition to start a faculty or staff search process; do not use for student employment or graduate assistant positions
  • How to start and end a contingent worker
  • How to hire a student employee
  • How to correct an employee's first day of work
  • Task used to report when a hire does not show up for their first few days of employment and the Hire process needs to be rescinded
  • How to make several types of employee changes such as title, work schedule, and location changes, as well as promotions, transfers, and reappointments
  • Update a student employee job title to more easily identify their position
  • How to change a student employee's manager
  • How to use the Period Activity Pay process to pay adjuncts, graduate assistants and salaried students; also used for special compensation, summer and winter appointments and other special payments
  • Request a one-time payment for an employee
  • Request a change in base pay for hourly students, staff or non-temporary faculty
  • Enroll direct reports in UNI Works courses
  • How to approve, review and edit time entries
  • How to create, modify, review, and approve absence requests for workers
  • How to request a leave of absence and return from leave on behalf of a direct report
  • Use UNI Works to create employee schedules
  • How to complete a performance review for direct reports
  • Disciplinary task initiated by HRS from supervisor request to help guide an employee's performance
  • How to initiate an end job or termination for a direct report
  • List of common terms used for business processes that use grant funding
Business Operations
  • Create and manage customer invoice for a customer existing in UNI Works
  • Create a customer profile for goods and services rendered by the University 
  • Create a purchase requition
  • How to receive purchased good and services
  • Overview a request to suppliers for goods and services created directly from their website
  • Creating a punchout order using a Foundation Worktag
  • View/create a return for a good received from a supplier
  • How to record a deposit
  • Request a payment for supplier invoices, refunds and reimbursements not related to travel or hospitality
  • Create a travel request
  • Submit out-of-pocket travel expenses for reimbursement
  • Submit receipts for purchases on either your purchasing card or travel & hospitality card
Financial Basics
  • Change the account charged for an an employee's wage
  • Use to correct revenue and expenses when an accounting adjustment is not an option
  • Correct worktags for operational transactions
  • Temporary or permanent correction to budget
  • Use Find Assets report to identify assets assigned to an account; use to mark capital assets as disposed
Financial Reports
  • Financial reports to assist Cost Center Managers with tracking their budgets and expenditures
HR Basics
  • How to search for and apply to jobs posted on the internal career site
  • How to refer candidates not currently employed by UNI to open jobs
  • Task that is sent to an employee when a candidate not currently employed by UNI identifies them on a job application as their referral source
  • Details the candidate screening process for the Search Committee to complete
  • Details the candidate screening process for the Search Committee to complete and tasks assigned to the Search Committee Chair
  • Tasks that the hiring official completes to make a hire selection and offer following a search
  • Time-sensitive task HR Liaisons complete before onboarding can launch for newly hired faculty and staff
  • Task to complete the employer section of Form I-9 (for I-9 Partners only)
  • Task to update an employee's social security number